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La Familia S3: Brad Benoit

La Familia S3: Brad Benoit

26 June 2012


“La Familia” is a new series of articles that will showcase either an employee or someone who works in parallel with the shop to let you know better what type of individuals are behind S3 and the surf-skate-snow world.

Brad “Butters” Benoit (18 years old) has been working at the Grande Prairie S3 since it’s opening two years ago. He skateboards and longboards but is also a huge music fan; punk and psychedelic rock is what he’s into.

So Brad, when did you start skateboarding and why?

I started skateboarding when I was around 10 years old. All my cousins would skate and I just picked it up from there. I started skateboarding more seriously in the last three years.

Where and what do you like to skate?

I really like to skate just for fun, no comps or stuff like that. I’d rather skate in the street with friends. Rails are what I prefer.

Any plans for the summer?

I plan on having a pretty mellow summer. I’ll be working full-time at the shop and just skateboard around here. I’m probably going to Neil Young’s Calgary concert as well as a Punk festival in Toronto later this summer.

Finally, why would you recommend S3?

For me, S3 is about three things: great brands, amazing people to work with, and an overall good vibe in the shop!

Enjoy your summer Butters!